Sunday, February 7, 2010

19/01/10 - 23/01/10 :)

Dear Phyllis....

I really am getting slack with these things....

but i've been busy I guess...oh and the internet wasn't working.
Gosh I love excuses.

How has everyone been?....i can tell you i've been awesome (:

When was the last time I posted something?? oh well lets start from Tuesday the 19th (:

Tuesday 19/01/10
Science Experience...DAY 1 (: <-----time to get my nerd on.
So I had to get up at like fricken 6:30 in the morning so I could get a bus at 7:20 to get to the university at like 8:40. When I got there I was worried I wouldn't know anyone but I was pleasently surprised when two of my friends from school were there (: We had to listen to two people who had doctorates in science and engineering anf then we had morning tea...the fed us like cake and stuffs. After lunch we did this engineering thing where we had to make a dc motor..we finished ours first and for a while it went the fastest (we had to test how many rotations the copper circle did in a second and whoevers did the most won) but then some bitch came along and stole our prize :( then we had lunch. We had subway and everyone got those little platter ones but becoz i'm a vegetarian i got a fricken foot-long. So i sat there with people stariong at me like why the hell am i so special. After lunch we had to build bridges to see how different structures hold weight. The hole time I sat there playing with the drill and asking the emo questions while evryone else was working :D. Our groups held like 250kgs...we also came last :). Then we did this science quiz thing and then I got the bus back to yeppoon central and bought chips :)

Wednesday 20/01/10
Science Experience...DAY 2 (:
Oh my, oh my was my craving for a frappe that strong. I went to work with my mummy thinking that the buses would be on time...but of course they weren't so I sat for half an hour stressing that i'd be super late and the bus wouldn't come...but then it did and I ended up only being 10 minutes late. Today their wasn't as much crapping on and introductions and stuff. A lady who was a forensic scientist came and showed us real murder weapons and stuff. Then we had morning tea and went and did vermaculture. We got to play with worms and learn about self-sustainable environmental habitats. We had to see how many worms were in 10grams of compost...62 I counted by hand (: Then we had pizza for lunch and once again I had a pizza to myself >.<  After that we did this biology stuff where we had to put chemicals on a toads heart to make it stop and start. I wasn't too impressed with this one but it was interesting.Then we did the science thing again and I caught a bus to mums work and hung out with her in the afternoon.

Thursday 21/01/10
Last day of science experience. Today we did engineering again where we made a siren...stupid thing doesn't work >.< but it was fun anyways. Then we got to play with cocaine :D We had to test urine samples to see whether traces of cocaine could be found. After all that there was the final of the quiz (which my team wasn't involved). Then we got presented with certificates and such and we watched some of these weird science movies made by kids. Then I got a bus home :)

Saturday 23/01/10

Now you know all about my interesting life ;)

Love ya,
Pixii xox.