Sunday, February 7, 2010

19/01/10 - 23/01/10 :)

Dear Phyllis....

I really am getting slack with these things....

but i've been busy I guess...oh and the internet wasn't working.
Gosh I love excuses.

How has everyone been?....i can tell you i've been awesome (:

When was the last time I posted something?? oh well lets start from Tuesday the 19th (:

Tuesday 19/01/10
Science Experience...DAY 1 (: <-----time to get my nerd on.
So I had to get up at like fricken 6:30 in the morning so I could get a bus at 7:20 to get to the university at like 8:40. When I got there I was worried I wouldn't know anyone but I was pleasently surprised when two of my friends from school were there (: We had to listen to two people who had doctorates in science and engineering anf then we had morning tea...the fed us like cake and stuffs. After lunch we did this engineering thing where we had to make a dc motor..we finished ours first and for a while it went the fastest (we had to test how many rotations the copper circle did in a second and whoevers did the most won) but then some bitch came along and stole our prize :( then we had lunch. We had subway and everyone got those little platter ones but becoz i'm a vegetarian i got a fricken foot-long. So i sat there with people stariong at me like why the hell am i so special. After lunch we had to build bridges to see how different structures hold weight. The hole time I sat there playing with the drill and asking the emo questions while evryone else was working :D. Our groups held like 250kgs...we also came last :). Then we did this science quiz thing and then I got the bus back to yeppoon central and bought chips :)

Wednesday 20/01/10
Science Experience...DAY 2 (:
Oh my, oh my was my craving for a frappe that strong. I went to work with my mummy thinking that the buses would be on time...but of course they weren't so I sat for half an hour stressing that i'd be super late and the bus wouldn't come...but then it did and I ended up only being 10 minutes late. Today their wasn't as much crapping on and introductions and stuff. A lady who was a forensic scientist came and showed us real murder weapons and stuff. Then we had morning tea and went and did vermaculture. We got to play with worms and learn about self-sustainable environmental habitats. We had to see how many worms were in 10grams of compost...62 I counted by hand (: Then we had pizza for lunch and once again I had a pizza to myself >.<  After that we did this biology stuff where we had to put chemicals on a toads heart to make it stop and start. I wasn't too impressed with this one but it was interesting.Then we did the science thing again and I caught a bus to mums work and hung out with her in the afternoon.

Thursday 21/01/10
Last day of science experience. Today we did engineering again where we made a siren...stupid thing doesn't work >.< but it was fun anyways. Then we got to play with cocaine :D We had to test urine samples to see whether traces of cocaine could be found. After all that there was the final of the quiz (which my team wasn't involved). Then we got presented with certificates and such and we watched some of these weird science movies made by kids. Then I got a bus home :)

Saturday 23/01/10

Now you know all about my interesting life ;)

Love ya,
Pixii xox.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Phyllis...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while....I kinda throttled the internet.
Well actually it was only a week but still thats a long time for me.

I would like you to meet my future husband..


Isn't he dreamy.

Okay so i'm really not into Gossip Girl that much. I don't understand all those petty little problems that those rich skanks have but I do quite enjoy staring at Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass. I also like his bad-assness :).

I've been quite boring latrely...although I don't think I have ever been all that interesting so i'm going to share with you one of the stupid stories I wrote for an assignment last year.

The Haunted House on the Hill

The old wooden floorboards were creaking under his feet. Were the rumours true? Phillip was on an investigation for the Notting Hill police. He was on a solo operation as it was not supposed to be dangerous, but he was thinking that he should call in back-up. Were they really dead? No one had been in the house to check, but they hadn’t been seen in weeks. The ‘Robinsons’ were never really big in the community and their immense house on the hill stood out like a sore thumb compared to all the little cottages in the surrounding area. But their absence was disturbing, no one knew if they were going on vacation but if you owned a Mercedes wouldn’t you at least park the garage if you went away? The wind outside was glacial and the house seemed to sway with it. The house was freezing, surely no one was actually living in it and there seemed to be no sign of human life to be felt. While checking upstairs Phillip came across a door banging against the wall. The window was open, the moon shining brightly and the freezing winds coming through it. The howling of wolves could be heard in the distance. As he walked further into the room he noticed a dark stain on the floor. It was a huge puddle of something brown? Maybe it was red but Phillip didn’t have time to check, a large ghostly white figure emerged from the rafters and grabbed him tightly around his chest cutting off his oxygen and slowly crushing him. With a crack and a gargle from his throat, Phillip’s body went limp and the large ghostly monster swallowed him whole.

Lilly was small for her age. She was sixteen but still only 5 foot 1 and frail looking. But she was brave and cunning and not scared of a thing. At school yesterday the boys were teasing her about being so small. “Geez, I’ve seen 10 year olds taller than you.” One of the boys said tauntingly but Lilly wouldn’t back down, “I might be small but I am brave, braver then any of you losers!” She said this easily, she was not thinking it was easy now. After that she made a deal with the boys, “I will spend one night in that old house on the hill. If I stay the whole night you can’t tease me about my height ever again, if I chicken out you can say whatever you want and I won’t care.” There were stories of the house being haunted with creatures that you would only see in books and movies, Lilly thought it was all bogus. She wasn’t scared but she was having second thoughts now. The boys agreed with her proposition and that is why Lilly was slowly walking towards the so called ‘Haunted House on the Hill’.

The night was warm, unpleasantly humid. A bead of sweat dripped from Lilly’s forehead. The moon was shining down onto the decrepit house making it look eerie and mysterious but also quite grand in a spooky kind of way. The night was silent except for the howling of wolves that could be heard. ‘Wow, it’s just like a scary story’ she thought. She was standing in front of the intricately carved wooden door. Everyone said the owners of the house went away and never came back, but she thought that it would be safe to knock anyway. She lightly rapped once on the door. Slowly it opened and a ghostly white hand grabbed Lilly and pulled her inside the house. With a crack and a gargle the night was once again silent except for the howling of the wolves in the distance.

“Lilly Mathers” the teacher called out.
“She’s away again Mr Orchard.” Exclaimed a girl sitting in the back row.
Does anyone know where she is, it’s the third day in a row.”

The boys looked at each other. Could this be their fault?

It's pretty shit aye but I had to write it to a criteria and it their wasn't too much to work with.
Heres another one.....

Bloodshed and Romance

The moon shone brightly on the stage, glinting off the blood of the last act. The gruesome silence filling the stadium, only the sound of our breathing can be heard. A howl in the distance.

I’m taking one step at a time, but it’s hard. My pain is never subsiding, my heart pulling in two directions. My longing to be with him and the truth that I never will. “Good morning Jamie” I hadn’t even noticed that mum had left the driveway but there was my best friend Kate, banging on my window. “Are you going to get out or are you going to sit there all day sulking, I didn’t like him anyways, he kinda looks like an animal.” There was Kate, making fun of my pain again. “I’m coming,” I said “Geez don’t chuck a phsyc.” I tried to say it so she didn’t think I was still not over him but I think she saw through my fa├žade. The day seemed so slow, I couldn’t concentrate on Mrs Proctor in Science and I answered one of Mr Barter’s questions incorrectly in English. But at lunch I got some good news. “Guess what Jamie?” Kate asked me while we were sitting at lunch. I was staring over at Mitch so she answered anyway, “I got us tickets to see Bloodshed and Romance!” It was only one of the coolest music festivals in Churchill and I was ecstatic. “Oh my God that’s awesome can I get a ride with you?” I knew that my mum would never let me go so I was going to say that Katie was picking me up to have a sleepover at her house.

“Have you got everything you need darling?” Mum asked as I was heading out the door.
“Of course mum, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” I was really sleeping over at Kate’s and under the unflattering tracksuit I was really wearing my ‘Gazebo’ t-shirt and a rockin’ pair of skinny jeans. Mum would never approve of this outfit as she would the festival. It was Saturday morning and the sun could be barely seen through the thick cover of clouds. Kate’s mum was also oblivious to the festival that we were going to today. She thought we were studying at Adriana’s house which was quite close to the stadium. “Have fun kids” she exclaimed as we jumped out of the car. We waited until she was gone and bolted for the stadium. The vibration of the bass could be felt even from down the street. “This is gonna be awesome!” said Kate. But as we lined up to get in I saw Mitch. Oh Mitch, why did he have to come? My heart seemed to be pulling again, the aching swelling throughout my body. No. I was going to have a good. But something seemed kind of weird about Mitch today. Kate was right; he did look a bit like an animal.

I was enjoying myself. The bass pumping, the drum beating, this was where I felt free. It was starting to get dark and there were only three acts left. While we were getting drinks Kate was chatting away while I was staring at Mitch, there was a ravenous look about him. “Jamie, should I ring mum and tell her to pick us up in about an hour?” I looked away from Mitch so she wouldn’t notice anything. “Sure but won’t she think something’s up? We might look a bit…flustered.”

“She’s pretty unobservant” Kate explained with a shrug. As we went back to the main arena I noticed how many people there were. “There must be at least a three thousand people here. That’s quite a lot for a small town.” It seemed quite odd as I didn’t notice very many people. “They must be from out of town.” I guessed but they all seemed to have the same ravenous look as Mitch. How odd but I dismissed it as my favourite band of all time walked on stage, ‘Gazebo’. As we danced I noticed that the odd people were moving closer and closer to the others in the audience. It was getting really weird now. The moon was shining almost clearly overhead, the clouds were slowly clearing. As the drummer hit the last beat the clouds were fully cleared away from the moon and a retched howling broke through the crowd.

I grabbed Kate. We ran. I must have been the only person not oblivious to the odd people…or whatever they were starting to morph into. As the howl broke through their mouth it started to turn into snout much like a wolf and fur was sprouting from underneath their clothes. What was happening? These people were turning into strange creatures. I saw Mitch, the only way I could recognise him was that the creature that he was now was wearing the tattered remains of his t-shirt. The once-humans were fully mutated now and were starting to seize upon innocent audience members. Ripping, tearing, gouging, the wolf like creatures were disembowelling the people and screams of pain could be heard. Before we turned and ran through the doors we saw the lead singer of Gazebo ripped to shreds by one of what I now considered to be werewolves.

We sat for hours, hiding. We did not come out until we thought it was safe to. What happened? Did the ‘werewolves’ go for a rampage through the town or did the audience at the accurately named ‘Bloodshed and Romance’ festival satisfy their appetites? We slowly walked back to the stadium, scared that we might come across the creatures again. As we entered the huge stadium we were welcomed by the smell of death.

The moon shone brightly on the stage, glinting off the blood of the last act. The gruesome silence filling the stadium, only the sound our breathing can be heard. A howl in the distance.

Well i'm not that creative but you can probably guess what the criteria was.

Time for a shower
Pixii xox.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Dear Phyllis...

I've been busy still.
I actually have had a busy social life in the last week :O

But i'll just explain from saturday onwards....

So on Saturday I worked from 10 to 7...and thats pretty much it. I came home afterwards and watched How to Be <--its got Robert Pattinson in it and my friend said it was good so I decided to give it a try and I really liked it...extremely funny but quite disturbing,

Sunday I worked from 11 to 4. Then mum picked me up and we went and had dinner at Hoggies...then we saw a movie. My mum, dad and brothers went and saw Shelock Holmes but because I was seeing it yesterday (Monday) I went and saw The Lovely Bones. I really liked it although it was really sad and quite weird it made me realise a whole lot of stuff.

Yesterday I went with mum into work early and hung around the shopping centre- which ended up with me buying Doctor Who Series 4, a pencil case from Smiggle that has an asian on it and frozen yoghurt :) Then I met up with my friends and we went and saw Sherlock Holmes. It was awesome! I thought it was funny but it did end up being a bit darker than I thought. After the movies we went to Sizzlers and wreaked havok on the poor restaurant. We were taking like tonnes of pictures and at one stage my friend pushed me off the chair so we ended up taking pics on the ground....and we made a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday really loud for my friend who was 15 today (Wednesday). The I came home and watched Doctor Who like all night :)

My new pencil case :)

Today I spent some quality time with my family which we barely ever do. We kinda just went to the shops and did stuff together. We bought ABBA Singstar :) and school books :( lol....I got sushi. Now i'm trying to upload pictures onto myspace and facebook but my computer is gay.

Tomorrow i'm working again and its pay day so I get lots of money :D<-- to make up for the almsot $300 ive used in the last week :S

Well i'm gonna go now and read some book :)
Lyl Pixii xox.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dear Phyllis...

I'm not really gonna give you a recount on my last three days i'm just gonna ramble on about some random crap :)

I may have just found my new love...
Chai Latte's

Some old lady at work today didn't want one that I made so I drank it....A-MAZ-ING :) <--or maybe its just my awesome coffee making skills.

Okay so I really don't have anything to ramble on about and it is almost 12.

Oh I went and saw The Lovely Bones tonight so I might do a review on it sometime and i'm going to see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow :)

Oh and for the next 4 weeks i am keeping a photographic journal of my life. I'm going to take pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING.

Well nighty night interwebs
Ciao, Pixii xox

Friday, January 1, 2010


Dear Phyllis...


For me 2010 started out with a bang...well not really. I got the night off work so I could spend it with my family and because we're so cool we welcomed to new year by watching star trek. I love star trek and watching sci fi is really one of the best ways my family comes together.
We also made ice cream with our new soft serve machine and it had smarties in it :)

It's a new year which means a new I have composed a few things that I want to change about myself..

1. I want to be happier; a better outlook on life and a better attitude towards everyone including my poor mother.

2. I want to stop bitching. full stop.

3. I want to try harder at everything I do. This includes in my sporting endevours and my academic achievements. Gotta do more! GOTTA BE MORE! 

4. I want to stop caring about they way people think of me. I am an individual and I don't need other peopless approval to know that I am who I am.

5. I want to have more self-confidence in myself and my body. Every person is different on the outside but on the inside we're all just the same. Being self-conscience about my body won't help me in any aspect of my life.

6. I want to become more involved in my community.

7. I want to behave better at school. No backchatting. No outsmarting teachers and no witty comments. I want to get on the honour role.

8. I want to be more involved in causes that I believe are right. I want to support PETA and the WSPCA and World Vision.  I want to give beck something to the world.

9. I want to be me. No pretending. No cheating. Just me.

I'll probably think of other things to add to this list but for now that is all I can think of.

Tell me your new years resolutions, i'm curious :D

Good luck in the new year
Love Pixii xox

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Dear Phyllis...

I wanna show you a picture I found quite amusing....

It's not that i'm like a twi-hater or something I just found it amusing.
There was also another one that said something like 'before Bella came we all thought he was gay'

Today I had work....I had to set the alarm on my phone just so I would wake up before 10. It was a bludge coz there was barely anyone today. After work my mummy and I want for a walk to try to find my grandads boat....but instead we got lost.

I also took the dogs for a walk this arvo to drop a letter into the letter-box.

And i'll just stop rambling on about nothing coz i'm not very interesting...

Ooooh i'm going to see AVATAR again in 3D with my friends for one of their birthdays tomorrow....

Syonnara...Pixii xox.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Dear Phyllis....

Almost NYE and you know what I will be doing....i'm working :(
no fun for me but atleast i get paid losts of money :)

Have you got a New Years resolution? coz I can honastly not think of one single thing...
maybe I should try to be happier...or get better grades....or be better behaved at school...
I might think about it.

Oooooh I wanna tell you a band that I just discovered and they're pretty sweet :)



I'm pretty sure they're old news but i'm intrigued...
So they're like this kinda pop-punk-rock kinda set up from New York. They're pretty fast paced, the kinda music you can dance to but they're not faggotty sounding....

if you get what I mean?

You can check them out on Myspace HERE

Other than the fact that this everythings been un-eventful lately...all i've been doing is working and chilling out at home.

It rained...actually it full on poured and cause rains been so rare I went outside and played on the trampoline and omg it was so much fun haha.....oh and this evening i bought a dixie cup (like a cup of vanilla ice cream. I haven't had one in like 6 years and it was awesome :)

I'm totally slack for work tomorrow....I just want to sleep in.

Oh well, Love ya
Pixii xox.

PS. If you haven't checked out my AVATAR review then please do.....I think I did an alright job.
Comment and tell me what you though of the movie and of the review. Ciao.