Friday, January 1, 2010


Dear Phyllis...


For me 2010 started out with a bang...well not really. I got the night off work so I could spend it with my family and because we're so cool we welcomed to new year by watching star trek. I love star trek and watching sci fi is really one of the best ways my family comes together.
We also made ice cream with our new soft serve machine and it had smarties in it :)

It's a new year which means a new I have composed a few things that I want to change about myself..

1. I want to be happier; a better outlook on life and a better attitude towards everyone including my poor mother.

2. I want to stop bitching. full stop.

3. I want to try harder at everything I do. This includes in my sporting endevours and my academic achievements. Gotta do more! GOTTA BE MORE! 

4. I want to stop caring about they way people think of me. I am an individual and I don't need other peopless approval to know that I am who I am.

5. I want to have more self-confidence in myself and my body. Every person is different on the outside but on the inside we're all just the same. Being self-conscience about my body won't help me in any aspect of my life.

6. I want to become more involved in my community.

7. I want to behave better at school. No backchatting. No outsmarting teachers and no witty comments. I want to get on the honour role.

8. I want to be more involved in causes that I believe are right. I want to support PETA and the WSPCA and World Vision.  I want to give beck something to the world.

9. I want to be me. No pretending. No cheating. Just me.

I'll probably think of other things to add to this list but for now that is all I can think of.

Tell me your new years resolutions, i'm curious :D

Good luck in the new year
Love Pixii xox

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