Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Dear Phyllis...

I've been busy still.
I actually have had a busy social life in the last week :O

But i'll just explain from saturday onwards....

So on Saturday I worked from 10 to 7...and thats pretty much it. I came home afterwards and watched How to Be <--its got Robert Pattinson in it and my friend said it was good so I decided to give it a try and I really liked it...extremely funny but quite disturbing,

Sunday I worked from 11 to 4. Then mum picked me up and we went and had dinner at Hoggies...then we saw a movie. My mum, dad and brothers went and saw Shelock Holmes but because I was seeing it yesterday (Monday) I went and saw The Lovely Bones. I really liked it although it was really sad and quite weird it made me realise a whole lot of stuff.

Yesterday I went with mum into work early and hung around the shopping centre- which ended up with me buying Doctor Who Series 4, a pencil case from Smiggle that has an asian on it and frozen yoghurt :) Then I met up with my friends and we went and saw Sherlock Holmes. It was awesome! I thought it was funny but it did end up being a bit darker than I thought. After the movies we went to Sizzlers and wreaked havok on the poor restaurant. We were taking like tonnes of pictures and at one stage my friend pushed me off the chair so we ended up taking pics on the ground....and we made a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday really loud for my friend who was 15 today (Wednesday). The I came home and watched Doctor Who like all night :)

My new pencil case :)

Today I spent some quality time with my family which we barely ever do. We kinda just went to the shops and did stuff together. We bought ABBA Singstar :) and school books :( lol....I got sushi. Now i'm trying to upload pictures onto myspace and facebook but my computer is gay.

Tomorrow i'm working again and its pay day so I get lots of money :D<-- to make up for the almsot $300 ive used in the last week :S

Well i'm gonna go now and read some book :)
Lyl Pixii xox.

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  1. I Totally agree with You We Don't SpendA Lot OF Time With OUr Family So Hope You Had Fun :)Sushii Miamiii (L)
    ps:We Could Follow Each Other If You Want?


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