Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Dear Phyllis...

I wanna show you a picture I found quite amusing....

It's not that i'm like a twi-hater or something I just found it amusing.
There was also another one that said something like 'before Bella came we all thought he was gay'


Today I had work....I had to set the alarm on my phone just so I would wake up before 10. It was a bludge coz there was barely anyone today. After work my mummy and I want for a walk to try to find my grandads boat....but instead we got lost.

I also took the dogs for a walk this arvo to drop a letter into the letter-box.

And i'll just stop rambling on about nothing coz i'm not very interesting...

Ooooh i'm going to see AVATAR again in 3D with my friends for one of their birthdays tomorrow....

Syonnara...Pixii xox.

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