Monday, December 7, 2009

Live in the present, remember the past and fear not the future, for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only now.

Live against the grain...its more fun.

I am older than my 14 years.

I carry an umbrella pretty much everywhere.

I am lost. You can take that litterally or metaphorically, either way is true.

I cannot lick my elbow but if you were to ask me if I could I would probably say yes I can.

I couldn't. I can't. I will never be able to live up to other peoples expectations.

I am a self-confessed nerd. If you asked me who my dream date would be and where I would probably say with Doctor Who on Galafray.

I live on Soul 3.

I am absolutely obessed with Paramore.

I dwell too much on the past.

I miss city life.

I am an avid eater of avocados.

I work in a cafe/restaurant.

I wish I could play the guittar but instead I rock the drums.

I am a vegetarian.


I make a mean vegartarian spaghetti.

I can touch my toes.

If I could marry anyone it would definately be Zac Farro from Paramore.

I read way too many magazines.

I don't like folk music.

I like excersising.

I am short.

I am going to science camp.

I love parachute pants.

I ride buses, they are my main form of transport.

I laught at emo's, this concludes that i am not one.

I like sweet onion sauce.

I am a keen soccer player and I go for Chelsea FC.

I am easily amused.

I like sitting on the beach with my dogs and a good book watching the sunset.

I am not ashamed to say I love books...alot.

I usually have a hard time staying in reality, my conscience sometimes takes over.

I like to express myself. I just haven't found a suitable outlook to do it yet.

I take my anger out on people at judo where I can beat the shit out of them then sit on them and strangle them.

I like wearing my converses.

I don't like to fish for complements and I don't give others the satisfaction of complementing them.

I don't bitch behind peoples backs. I'm nice and say it to their face.

I don't need your approval.

I love my mother, my father, my two brother and our two dogs unconditionally.

I seem to know alot of English people.

I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.

I cannot stand animal cruelty.

I bought Paramore tickets at 9am on the 02/12/09, pretty much the minute they went on sale.

I have the lead singer of Eskimo Joes' guittar pick.

I hate St Ursula's College. With a passion.

I want to climb a mountain one day just to have a picnic with my stuffed animals.

I do in fact still have all my stuffed animals.

I watch way too may youtube videos.

I tried to start a blog and failed miserably.

I wish I had a tan.

I wear jeans in summer.

I am going to Japan in 2010.

I like trees, especially old ones. When I grow up I am going to live in a huge tree house in the country.

I wish I lived in the 1800's.

I use the lords name in vain way too much.

I am Catholic.

I have the opinion that all Brendans boys are gay.

I am still lost.

I use to many big words.

I won't change for others so don't expect it to happen.

I get bored easily and when I do I tend to change the colour of my hair.

I wish I lived in a book, preferably a classic.

I am wearing sun glasses indoors while I am writing this.

I was born in Greensborough in Melbourne.

I am greatful for my education even though I hate it.

I am of Irish, English and Scottish decent.

I used to have a cat.

I was happier before I met you.

I have been to a Star Wars convention.

I wear way too much makeup.

I think i'm creative.

I have too much of an opinion.

I am anti-social.

I want to give all my kids traditional english names.

I want to work with disabled people.

I have a pink play station.

I do quite like the colour yellow.

I never take good school photos.

I usually pretend to know what you are talking about.

I am smart academically but quite ignorant in all other aspects of life.

I spend too much time on the internet.

I keep a diary...or did.

I have checkered bed sheets.

I wish I had red hair.

I am a hippocrite.

I sleep with two pillows.

I am not a fan of swimming at the beach.

I own lots of bags.

I bought my grandma a dog.

I want to write a book.

I drink NU natural spring water.

I have eight pairs of shoes.

I have 426 posters in a box.

I probably text too much.

I am incredibly lazy.

I own an iPod shuffle.

I wish I was old enough to wear high heels.

I am quite girly.

I have a quilt on my bed and it has a panda on it.

I pretty much only paint my nails black.

I don't like the smell of hospitals.

I am attracted to doing dangerous things.

I am too good at hurting myself.

I like going to the movies.

I am pretty sure I have OCD...ask my boss.

I wash my hair every night.

I wish I wasn't as rude to people.

I wish I could keep my mouth shut.

I think it would be so cool if I had my own theme music.

I get motion sickness.

I am always the one to get my bag checked for alcohol etc. when I am with people.

I straighten my hair too much.

I have been to six schools.

I am now officially in Grade Ten.

I want to be happier.

I like sun glasses.

I own lots of dresses, they make me feel confident.

I don't know very many supportive people.

I can't wait till I can drive.

I don't care what you say or think. Keep your opinion to yourself.

I follow the music.

I wish I had long hair.

I wish dragons were real.

I want a cowboy hat...preferably ten gallons.

I haven't lost all my baby teeth.

I love the rain...the reason I keep and umbrella with me.

I believe in God and I believe he created the universe. I do not though believe that he has the power to be omnipresent all the time.

I belive in legends and myths. They are what give us a greater sense of belief and a wider imagination.

I wish my house had air-conditioning.

I will get my nosed peirced.

I like beanies.

I give up.

I wish I had a boat that I could just sail away in to the sunset.

I am not very likeable.

I believe we are all just pawns in Gods game of chess.

I believe that everyones soul is as pure as the day they were born. For some it just takes longer to find.

I cry at the drop of a hat.

I believe every living creatures life has a meaning.

I like writing letters to people.

I belive the master lived.

I think war is the epiphany of man.

I shop at woolworths.

I have a pet frog who lives in the toilet.

I have found love. My meaning though is different than yours.

I can speak some elvish.

I don't want to grow up and grow old.

I believe Peter Pan is somewhere out there waiting for wendy.


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