Sunday, December 13, 2009

Music for the soul...

So i'm finally going to do something that I promised in like maybe my fifth blog. Since I have a bit of free time on my hands i'm going to do...
A Playlist!! of all my favourite songs :)

Okay so here it goes I hope it gives you a bit of insight into the kind of music I like...

Misery Business- Paramore.
Ignorance- Paramore.
Brick by Boring Brick- Paramore.
Misguided Ghosts- Paramore.
Emergency- Paramore.
Pressure- Paramore.
Another Day- Paramore.
Rewind- Paramore.
Fence- Paramore.
Franklin- Paramore.
Where the Lines Overlap- Paramore.
For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic- Paramore.
All We Know- Paramore.
Born For This- Paramore.
CrushCrushCrush- Paramore.
Playing God- Paramore.
Decode- Paramore.
Brighter- Paramore.
Let The Flames Begin- Paramore.
My Hero- Paramore.
Conspiracy- Paramore.
Whoa- Paramore.
Oh Star- Paramore.
Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)- Paramore.
I Caught Myself- Paramore.
Sunday Bloody Sunday- Paramore.
Adore- Paramore.
Circle- Paramore.
Hello Hello- Paramore.
Loves Not a Competiton (Kaiser Chiefs cover)- Paramore.
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)- Paramore.
Until Tomorrow- Paramore.
Temporary- Paramore.
Swim In Silence- Paramore.
That's What You Get- Paramore.
Careful- Paramore.
Hallelujah- Paramore.
Stuck On You- Paramore.
Turn It Off- Paramore.
When It Rains- Paramore.
Never Let This Go- Paramore.
The Only Exception- Paramore.
Feeling Sorry- Paramore.
We Are Broken- Paramore.
Looking Up- Paramore.
My Heart- Paramore.
All I wanted- Paramore.
Decoy- Paramore.
Here We Go Again- Paramore.
Are You The One?- The Presets.
Men In Black- Forever The Sickest Kids.
It Ain't Gonna Save Me- Jay Reatard.
Shes so lovely- Scouting for girls.
Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters.
A-Punk- Vampire Weekend.
Everlong- Foo Fighters.
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage- Panic! At The Disco.
The Kids Don't Stand a Chance- Vampire Weekend.
Hey Brittany!- Forever The Sickest Kids.
The Story- 30 Seconds To Mars.
Endlessly, She Said- AFI.
Loves Not A Competition (But i'm winning)- Kaiser Chiefs.
Monkey Wrench- Foo Fighters.
The Cave- Mumford and Sons.
Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars.
Half Mast- Empire of the Sun.
This Is a Love Song- Litttle Birdy.
But My Heart Told My Head- Mumford and Sons.
Summer Shudder- AFI.
All Over Again- Jay Reatard.
About a girl- The Academy Is...
We Won't Run- Sarah Blasko.
What It Takes- Aerosmith.
Undisclosed Desires- Muse.
Breathing In a New Mentality- Underoath.
Sex on Fire- Kings Of Leon.
American Idiot- Greenday.
The City Is At War- Cobra Starship.
Citizen Erased- Muse.
Losing Friends Over Love- Eskimo Joe.
Brother- Little Birdy.
Cave In- Attack In Black.
Three Cheers for Five Years- Mayday Parade.
Break You Little Heart- All Time Low.
Whoa Oh (Me VS Everyone)- Forever The Sickest Kids.
I'm A Wonder- The Cab.
Notice- Gomez.
Designer Skyline- Owl City.
This Is How I Disappear- My Chemical Romance.
The Saints Are Coming- U2.
Call Me When Your Sober- Evanescence.
Great Expectations- Gaslight Anthem.
You Make Me Smile- Blue October.
Vitriol- Bluejuice.
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot- Brand New.
Perfect- Simple Plan.
Bleed America- Jimmy Eat World.
Something- Escape The Fate.
Soon We'll Be Found- Sia.
Panic Switch- Silversun Pickups.
Ride- The Vines.
Homecoming- Greenday.
Vanilla Twilight- Owl City.
15 Step- Radiohead.
Ladies And Gentlemen- Saliva.
Black Fingernails, RedWine- Eskimo Joe.
Mr Brightside- The Killers.
Open Eyes- The Early November.
Drop Dead Gorgeous- Short Stack.
One For The Radio- McFly.
Devil On My Shoulder- Billy Talent.
Luv- Travis.
Blink- Chameleon Circuit.
Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park.
Blackened Blue Eyes- The Charlatans.
Damn Regret- Red Jumpsuit Apparatis.
Escape- Muse.
I Know What I Am- Band Of Skulls.
Take Me Away- Plain White T's.
Ice Box- There For Tomorrow.
Dancing Choose- TV On The Radio.
Parallels- In Case Of Fire.
Immunity- The Swellers.
Little Lion Man- Mumford And Sons.
Pretty Pretty- The Early November.
Childhood Behaviour- Eskimo Joe.
Before Angels Fall- Short Stack.
Hazy Shade of Winter- Simon And Garfunkel.
Act Appalled- Circa Survive.
Myspace Girl- The Afters.
The Show- Lenka.
From Yesterday- 30 Seconds To Mars.
Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?- The Gaslight Anthem.
I Belong To You- Muse.
Phantom Boogie- Bluejuice.
This Moment- Renfue.
Hand Of Blood- Bullet For My Vallentine.
Five Minutes To Midnight- Boys Like Girls.
This Is The New Shit- Marylin Manson.
Saco Boys Have No Class- Sparks The Rescue.
We'll Fight- Something With Numbers.
If I Know You- The Presets.
Into Your Arms- The Maine.
Let's Get Fucked Up and Die- Motion City Soundtrack.
But It's Better If You Do- Panic! At The Disco.
Title And Registration- Death Cab For Cutie.
Keep The Car Running- Arcade Fire.
Doctor- Cute Is What We Aim For.
Long Drive Home- Say No More.
Fallen- Deat In The Park ft. Hayley Williams.
Watch Ypu Sleeping- Blue Foundation.
Never Miss A Beat- Kaiser Chiefs.
Redemption- Renfue.
Nineteen- Tegan And Sara.
Keep Dreaming Upside Down- October Fall ft. Hayley Williams.
Red Dress- TV On The Radio.
Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects.
Smoot Criminal- Animal Ant Farm.
Over My Head (The Fray Cover)- A Day To Remember.
Munich- Editiors.
Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids.
Nothing To Lose- Billy Talent.
Too Late Too Soon- Socratic.
I Can Barely Breathe- Manchester Orchestra.
Wake Up Call- Marroon 5.
Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet.
Keep Em' Seperated- The Offspring.
Minds Eye- Wolfmother.
Lips Like Morphine- Kill Hannah.
This Could Be Anywhere In The World- Alexisonfire.
Boy With A Coin- Iron And Wine.
This Who We Are- Hawthorne Heights.
Hemorrage- Fuel.
Apple Of The Eye- Something With Numbers.
It's My Life- No Doubt.
I Never Liked You- Rogue Traders.
Six Feet Under The Stars- All Tim Low.
The Sound Of Setting- Death Cab For Cutie.
Rusted From The Rain- Billy Talent
Champagne Supernova- Oasis.
Saying Sorry- Hawthorne Heights.
Paper Thin Hymn- Anberlin.
You've Made Your Bed- You Me at Six.
I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying Get You Off (Me and You)- Fall Out Boy.
New Perspective- Panic! At The Disco.
Take It Away- The Used.
I've Been Dying To Reach You- Circa Survive.
Walking With A Ghost- Tegan and Sara,
Pulmonary Archery- Alexisonfire.
We Are Nowhere and It's Now- Brand New.
Stare- Marjorie Fair.
Some Girls Make Weaponry- Yesterday's Revenge.
Risky Bussness- The Cab.
The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls.
Nancy Boy- Placebo.
Homecoming- Hey Monday.
I'd Come For You- Nickelback.
Welcome To My Life- Simple Plan.
The Clock- Thom Yorke.
Take This To Heart- Mayday Parade.
Solutions- The Sundance Kids.
The Music- Paper Route.
Paranoid Android- Radiohead.
Wow, I can get Sexual Too- Say Anything.
You Are So Last Summer- Taking Back Sunday.
Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)- A Static Lullaby.
Promise Promise- You Me At Six.
White Noise- The Living End.
€Ugly Side- Blue October.
Bad habit The Dresden Dolls.
Spotlight- Mutemath.
Ultraviolet- The Stiff Dylans.
You Had Me At Hello- A Day To Remember.
The Only Way- Karnivool.
Buck Rodgers- Feeder.
In My Dreams- With Broken Wings.
Hand Me Downs- Bob Evans.
Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen.
Stand By Me- Oasis.
Dear Jamie, Sincerely Me- Hellogoodbye.
Just Like Me- Hayley Williams.
This Heart Attack- Faker
My Ignorance- The Used.
Don't You Think it's Time- Bob Evans.
Heels Over Head- Boys Like Girls.
The Engine Driver- The Decemberists.
Your Making It Come Alive- My Favourite Highway.
Use Somebody- Kings Of Leon.
Why Does It Always Rain On Me- Travis.
Dancing With The Liar- Renfue.
Big Casino- Jimmy Eat World.
My Shadow- Jay Reatard.
Hurricane Streets- Hey Monday.
I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab For Cutie.
Plane Crash Dream- Hayley Williams and Josh Farro.
Balance- A Skylit Drive.
Until We Burn in The Sun (The Kids Just Want A Love Song)-Bedouin Sounclash.
Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)- All Time Low.
Time and Time Again- Chronic Future.
Wake Up- Arcade Fire.
Invincible- Ok Go.

Just a tatse of the kind of music I like to listen to just to give you an idea.

Love Pixii xox :)

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