Friday, October 23, 2009

13/10/09 to 16/10/09

Dear Phyllis...

This post will be in sections for all the different days :)

DAY ONE. 13/10/09
Today we leave Rockhampton. 34 degrees Celsius to a cold 16 degrees. Tiger (or povo) airways we are flying all the way to Melbourne, Victoria. It's 9:45 and we are in the line waiting to check in...''The flight has been delayed, the new departure time is 1:30." You gotta be joking .............................................waiting, waiting, waiting. Over the loudspeaker ''flight blah blah blah to Melbourne has been delayed the new departure time is 3:30 and arrival will be 7:50'' A whole day wasted. Arriving in Melbourne is hell. Povo Airways make you walk about a km off the plane in the freezing rain. Walking, walking, walking...where is the damn rent-a-car place. Ooh heated day just got alot better. We're in Geelong now? well I must have fallen asleep. We're staying in this shitty little cabin? I have to share a room with the boys? NO...Oh well maybe tomorrow will be better.

DAY TWO. 14/10/09
Couches are uncomfortable. Yes I slept on it last night...the boys talk in their sleep. It's 10am already, ohhh Victoria's an hour ahead of Queensland. Werribee Open Plane Zoo today better get snug. Put on ma jeans and and my faux fur hoodie :) Oh shit its freezing. Drive, drive, drive this trip is taking like an hour and a half. The countryside is nice, it kinda reminds me of somewhere in England even though I've never actually been there. OMG a sign...we're almost there! oh wow a mansion and gardens too. I like old things. Oh noes its raining. And its stopped. And it's raining again...WTF? I guess its time to go on the safari bus thingo. Look there are bunnies my friends from properties would say, shoot em'. Antelope, Bison, Zebras, Emus, African dogs, cheetahs, sleepy lions, camels, giraffes, meerkats, rhinos walking in front of the bus.....AMAZING. This zoo is the shiz. A quick stop at the souvenir shop...i bought a snow leopard poster to go on my wall to match my quilt. A quick stop at the mansion and gardens....meh not that interesting. Back to the cabin thing. Recreation Room. Bed.

DAY THREE. 15/10/09
Pack, pack, pack we're leaving this place and going on the GREAT OCEAN ROAD :) Driving through the hills, me likey. First stop...Queenscliff. A little walk around the cute little town. A stop at the sweet shop to buy my new favourite lolly...tiny tots. Posting a letter at the little post office. Then going for a drive around. The old buildings are magnificent, the old trees are beautiful, the old army fort is???? um well is pretty cool. Too bad dad forgot his air force pass we could have had a look around. Oh well we're back on the Great Ocean Road now. Quick stop at Bells Beach... some crazy dudes are surfing even though it must be like 0 degrees in the water. Next stop...a lighthouse?? Aireys Inlet lighthouse to be exact. How nice but a tad Lorne is the place to be when your eating lunch....damn seagulls. Shopping is fun even though it is raining. New bag, new shirts. Drink at the tavern and off we go again. Windy roads are fun....especially at 50kms an hour...yep :) The windy roads up the mountain with the beach on one side and the bush on the other are beautiful. Final destination for today: Apollo Bay. This is seriously the cutest town on Earth....loves,loves,loves,loves. We stayed in a beautiful house near the beach. When I grow up I am going to decorate my house just like it. My bed looks comfortable. Goodnight.

DAY FOUR. 16/10/09
Up bright and early, we're going for a walk. Along the path there is a pony is practically on the beach. At the end of this path there is a platform...the only way to get to the beach is to walk farther but we have to get back. Ahhh the rain is falling run,run, run. In the car we drive and drive and drive a little bit more until we get to a turn-off saying the Ottway Lighthouse Station. Two hands up wanna go....that's good enough. 7km of winding bush to get there. STOP! there is a wild koala walking on the side of the road. Amazing. After pictures we're on the road again. The Ottway Lighthouse is amazing. Not only was it a lighthouse it was also a radar station in WWII. There were also a bunch of cows on a cliff...that what i call ocean front estate. Seeing inside the lighthouse, walking through the house where people used to live in the 1800s and seeing a radar station I've had my fix and I'm ready to hit the road again. Driving along the road to get back to the main road a bunch of cars have stopped on the sides of the roads and people are getting out. Koala's! There must be a dozen. There was mummy koala and it's baby. Next stop is one of the most famous landmarks in Australia...The Twelve Apostles. They are even better in real life. Posing in front of them is much fun :) Eating sandwiches in front of them is fun too. Some jackasses thought they were cool because they went out where it was dangerous...i just thought they were jackasses. After departing from that truly amazing landmark we set off on out drive to Port Campbell. This little pittstop was nice and we bought lunch and had hot chocolate. Walking up the main street is nice because it is not very busy. Lets buy postcards....mine had the twelve apostles. Only half an hour to the hotel. Its been a long day. The London Bridge...whats that?? Stopping we find the coolest rock formation that looks like a bridge. Some Russian girls want me to take they're photo. I find this formation just a fascinating as the 12 Apostles. Fairy Bay...what can I say? Cute. Sweet Store. Potato cakes instead of potato scallops. .The motel we stay in is nice. What will we be up to tomorrow??

Stay maybe :)

Love Pixii xoxo.

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