Wednesday, October 28, 2009

17/10/09 to 20/10/09

Dear Phyllis...


DAY FIVE. 17/10/09

Good morning Sunshine, another early rise. Inland today. On our way back to Melbourne. Load up the car, quick get in and off we go. Drive, drive, drive. There are these amazing fields of yellow flowers, they go for like acres. So many cows and sheep. Dairy farm. The hills and the valleys all still remind me off and English country side. Almost to Ballarat, what will we do here?? Drive, drive, drive. Yay...we're here! but what to about Solverign Hill? Solverign Hill is an outdoor museum set around the 1850s gold rush in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Lets pan for gold. Lets watch a guy melt gold. See the Chinese camps. Watch a man make a wheel like in the 1800s. Go underground in the mines. How about go shopping like we're in the 1800s?? Everything was very interesting. I ended up buying a really nice necklace which looks like a miniature fog watch and a candle which i got to colour myself :D. Lets go watch a presentation. Its a man trying to sell...gunpowder?? its fricken hilarious. I'm tired lets go have a quick look at the gold museum and have dinner. Where will we have dinner??? thank you trusty navigator...Hogsbreath here we come. I'm full, lets go get a mcflurry from maccas. Wow we still have to go all the way to wont be too long. Oh we're here already, i must have dozed off. Ashley Gardens...nice name for a motel. Washed my clothes. I seem to be very tired, time for bed. Goodnight and see ya tomorrow.

DAY SIX. 18/10/09
Melbourne today. Shopping. Wake up sunshine its....10:30, crap. Get dressed...its cold outside. Get into the car for the last time, trams and buses for us after this. Drop the car off at the rent-a-car place. Time for a walk. There are lots of weird people in Melbourne...weird fashion, weird hair....weird everything. Fascinating :) Wow I haven't been in a Myer in like 3 years. Holy crap that leather jacket is like 1500 dollars. Country Road <3 but not today, maybe tomorrow. Still walking, across the bridge. Theres a street performance. These guys a fucking hilarious....when they're done we give them $10. Time to go have a look around Southbank. Its Sunday so the markets are on. I buy dutch pancakes. These are like the cutest markets, they're under a bridge. Mum stops to look at this guy whose painting these wicked keyrings and stuff, hes very talented. After buying one we're off again. I'm thirsty so we go to boost juice. What are all those people dressed up doing?? Anime Convention...where? Wow this is so cool...lets get our nerd on! umm well no i don't think we're gonna pay to get in, maybe some other time (or never). Lets walk to the bus stop and go back to the hotel. This is taking forever, in the car it only took half an hour. No relaxation time....we're going ice skating :) Dammit another bus ride. Damn its freezing in here. Ice skating is fun and i'm surprisingly good at it. My two brothers and I are having fun ice skating while my daddy takes pictures and ma mum is back at the hotel relaxing. Back to the hotel on the bus. Buy dinner. Watch X-men. Kon ban wa minasan. juu ichi ji ni nemasu...i think???

DAY SEVEN 19/10/09
Time to get cho nerd on...for real :) Star Wars Exhibition on our last day in Melbourne. Bus, bus, many asian drivers who don't understand bloody English. At South Bank. The best way to get to the science centre is to get a ferry. Ugh boats make me sick :( Nice view through. From the ferry we walk to the science centre. There is a giant r2d2 on the roof :0 We go inside an buy our tickets. The exhibition is full of all the costumes and props that were in the movies. It also has a whole lot of interactive scientifical things like making a robot move and making a magnetic car move. Its really fun. After that we have lunch outside....did i mention that there were like a cajillion school kids everywhere making it really hard to do anything. After lunch we go back into the science centre and play around with all the sciency stuff. Mum and I wanna go see the exhibition called 'A Day In Pompeii' at the Melbourne Museum so we walk like a km to the train station. The train ride takes forever....well it feels like it. When we get at the station we go up an escalator...its so high! and steep! walking, walking, walking....yay we're here :) The exhibition is amazing. There are so many interesting facts about the day Mt Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii and threes even a 3D movie. After spending like 3 hours there we're going on a tram :) i like trams. Then another bus. We're back at the place we're staying. We get dinner. Pack coz we have to leave early tomorrow and watch the TV. Time for bed....early. Goodnight.

DAY EIGHT 20/10/09
We're up bright and early. Quick breakfast before we get in the taxi and go to the airport. At the airport we wait seriously 5 minutes to get on the plane and we're off. The lady is coming down the isle with all the food and stuff, I think i'll get a muffin while I watch 'X-men origins: Woverine' on dads computer. Landing. We're in Rockhampton airport! Time to go home. That was a good holiday....back to school :(

Sorry bout the wait...i've been really, really, really with assignment and such.

Love Pixii xoxox.

Photos next post maybe??

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