Sunday, November 15, 2009


Are you naked??

Dear Phyllis...

Well today would be the wonderful but utterly horrible Sunday. Why utterly horrible? tomorrow :(

This weekend has been quite eventful though...

Yesterday I went to Ridges which is the resort in my stupid little home town. At Ridges I hung out with my friends and did shit that most people do when they go to a pool. There is this waterfall there and my boyfriend and his stupid friends decided they would do backflips and shit off it into the water until we got caught and kicked out. By then we had had enough anyways so a few of us went and stayed at my friends house for the night. My friend lives on a farm and breeds alpacas. So we went quad biking all around her property and stuff all afternoon. Then we decided we would play tennis at night on her un-finished tennis court. It was all good until i chased after the dog and got coat-hangered on the un-finished fence. Now I have a huge red mark on my neck the looks like 10 hickeys combined. After that we had dinner and shit and watched movies. We had to watch Transformers or someone died...or that was the threat. Then we watched 10 Things I hate About You and the first Harry Potter. By then it was like 4am in the morning so we decided we would brush our teeth. We ended up sitting in the bath tub brushing our teeth and talking about random shit. After that we danced. Just kinda randomly we danced like that asian guy outta Hot Rod. Then we watched Death at a Funeral and by then it was like 6am today, so we went out on the quad bikes. For a ciy kid I am quite good at driving a quad. The Army cadet were out training in the property so we followed them round for a while then my friends mum dropped me home and right now i am supposed to be cleaning my mothers wardrobe.

I think I shall watch Harry Potter and maybe start that wardrobe.....maybe

Gotta get into the habit of doing this more.

Lovers you....Pixii xox. <3

P.S I officially start my get fit scheme tomorrow so wish me luck :)

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