Monday, November 16, 2009


Haha this is what I do in english :)

Dear Phyllis...

げつよおび から きにょおび まで ろく じ に おきて。

Yep, I study Japanese.

I have to study all the katakana but instead I decided i would do this instead.
Wanna see some...


Oh well. Today I had to go to school. First up I had art which is a bludge. Its the last art lesson for the year but oh well...At break we had a party for my friends birthday. I bought a cake but I was gonna make one until i discovered we had no eggs :) We got into trouble again for stealing the year 11s umbrella. Then I had Japanese. I like Japanese apart from the fact that I barely understand any of it. I got 19 1/2 out of 25 on a quiz so I'm doing okay. Lunch time. After lunch I had Religion and SOSE. Because I go to a catholic private school, religion is mandatory until year aye. We're learning sexual morality. Its a good laugh. For SOSE we were in a computer lab which is a super bludge. I was so embarrassed when i received a photocopy of my practice exam....the whole class got it as an example for what to do. I am now officially a nerd :( The whole time my friends and I talked about giving a Mohawk to her pet rat. After school I went with my brother into Rockhampton for rugby and came home and painted my toe nails black :)

Oh btw last night I dyed my hair plum. Its kinda purplish black and I love it. I get bored very easy so I seem to dye my hair alot.

School again tomorrow.

Oh and the fitness plan is going well. I ran for thirty minutes on the treadmill :) Day 1 went well in my opinion

Lots of Love Pixii xox.

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