Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Dear Phyllis...

Homework time :( help?
....didn't think so.

Haha instead I am writing this while listening to music put on random...at this moment i am listening to Hysteria by Muse :)...oh and i'm pimping my myspace :)

Today was not absolute shit it just was very...boring? Double Japanese, PE theory, Religion and double maths. I start exam block on Friday and my first two exams are maths and PE. I havent listened in either this term so i'm a tad screwed. In PE we're doing systems of the body which is farely simple but I can't be fucked to remember all the bones and muscles in the human body. Maths is another load of shit altogether. We've been doing data and algebra shit...linear equasions. Since I got kicked out of the class for like 2 weeks I have barely learned anything.

I'm screwed aye :(

Oh well, this afternoon I signed up for the school musical next year. We're doing 'The Wiz' and i'm hoping to get a good part coz I can sing alright. I'm kinda excited because its something out of my comfort zone since i'm usually one of the sporty girls...or nerds??

Oh and my boyfriend and I are kinda fighting....I feel sad and angry and shitty and I miss him. I will hopefully be going to a party on the weekend with him so it shall be okay...I hope :)

...becoz cute is what we aim for :)

Hugs and kisses Pixii xox

OMFG NEW MOON TOMORROW NIGHT... i'm seeing the midnight screening :D

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