Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear Phyllis....

I'm sore, sore, SORE!Today I had judo...and I haven't been i AGES! haha then I thought i'd be cool and do 6km on the treadmill.....STUPID

Well exam block started on Friday and I swear I totally flunked maths. I crossed out like half the questions :) Then I had my PE exam and I breezed through it. On Monday all I have is like this stupid little maths test for this thing called Maths Mate...and i'm supposed to be in Extension Maths ;)

...except i'm not asian ;)

On Wednesday night, or Thursday morning...whatever you prefer I was lucky enough to see the midnight screaning of TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON!!!!! OMFG its was AMAZING!! it was way better than the first movie and the special FX were Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob is HOTTTTT. Although I am definately TEAM EDWARD!


Haha because I saw New Moon and I didn't get back to the hotel room till like 3am in the morning I wagged school. Instead my mum and I went shopping and I bought a dress from supre...unlike all the other shit at that shop...this dress is actually quite nice. I also got a new swim suit. Its red and white.


Today we had to buy clothes for my little brothers graduation from primary school (Grade 7). I think its stupid, and so does he, that he has to get all dressed up...hes like 12 haha.

Anyways i'm supposed to be doing 3 assignments and studying for 5 scrouged :(

Oh I also applied for like 3 jobs this evening...hopefully i'll get one so I can make some moolah :)

Raaaawwwwrrrrrr (I LOVE YOU in dinosaur) Pixii xoxoxoxox.

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