Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dear Phyllis...

I'm Done, I'm Done, I'M DONE!!!
No more Grade 9 EVER! :)

I finished on Thursday so I know this is a little bit late but oh well better late than never I guess. The last day was so much fun. At lunch time my group and some year 10 girls made water balloons and dropped them from the balcony on he year 9 plastics group. It was fuckin hilarious. We had to like sprint away coz im on my last chance or i'm expelled and that would have probably done it.

On Thursday night it was my little brothers graduation. It has to be the stupidest thing ive ever been to. We had to sit in church for like 2 hours then I had to watch him sing and do a whole lotta crap that i didnt really care about. I ended up sitting behind a girl im fighting with and the whole time her mother kept giving me evil glares. Then they made us so like grace or something before we ate nibblies thingo and it was really really dull.

On Friday my brothers had to go to school but I didnt so I went into Rocky with my muumy. We gave out some of her resumes on the way then she had to go to work. I ended up hanging around the shopping centre for like 5 hours because I couldnt be bothered to catch a bus. The positive aspects of hanging around in a shopping cantre all day is that you come to know people. I ended up making friends with alot of shop keepers becoz i tend to just talk to people. I bought The Count of Monte Cristo for $7 :)

After hanging at the shops pretty much all day I had to watch my little brother play rugby. Stupid kid can play any damn sport he likes and be good at it. He ended up getting most promising player. While I was watching one of my teacher came up and said hi...I was like hi and then it was really awkward. Haha.

And today....Well today was fun. I had judo in the morning and it was quite un-eventful. Just flipped a few people and sat on them :) It took us like half an hor to get out of the parking-lot because all thes bikies were there. After judo I went to thwe movies with my friends. We saw New Moon...again and my friend alex and I laughed in all the wrong places :D Then we went shopping and looked around for a bit. Then my friend left I went and hung out in mums shop and went home.......That leads us to now.

I've saved $94.40 not including the $11.50 I used at the movies today which ment I saved $105.90. Go me :) I can never save money coz i always end up spending it.

OMG I never told you...I start work on Wednesday :) As a waitress at the marina. I'm excited coz then i'll be able to save even more money for my trip to Japan :D.

Peace and Happines to you, Pixii xox.

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