Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear Phyllis

*pinch and a punch* for the first day of the month. :)...2 days late

Well nothin much is all.
On Friday I did nothing except veg at home and do some chores.
Yesterday was a different story...

Yesterday I went shopping with my nana. I bught new school shoes and sun glasses. The guy that fit my shoes was really hot XD haha and I got avitors. I also applied for a job at city beach :) maybe i wont be poor anymore. We also had lunch with my mum who started her new job in the shopping centre. After that we went to the auction yards and looked at stuff. There was a pretty sweet drum kit but i dont have any money to bid for it. Then we went to officeworks and drove home. I fell asleep coz im cool like that.

Today I did nothing again. Most of the day I caught up with my friend Liz. I miss her so much. Then tonight I watched 'The Incredibles' and right now i'm watching 'I, Robot'. W don't have free to air at home but I like it :D

Tomorrow it's my little brothers birthday and we're having a birthday party. I feel superbad coz i haven't bought him anything even though i said I would. I might make a card tomorrow morning.

Crap school starts again on Tuesday. Not looking forward to it at all. It's alright though coz we're going to Victoria for like a week on the 13th so I only have to endure like 5 days of school...yay :D

Oh and i'll post some fotos of my breakfast the other day. It amused me. I'll post a story with it to. Oh and those bio thingos.

haha "i'm 34 and i'm a virgin by choice." that was just on an ad.

Goodnight, Pixii xoxoxox

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  1. :O i totally forgot the whole pinch punch first day of the month!
    and i love the incredibles, such a great movie! <3


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