Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I chortle...

Dear Phyllis...

I'ts been a while...um well kinda. I went home and the stupid internet wasn't working. But now i'm back at my gandma's coz nobody loves me haha.

Well how was my weekend? Lets jst say I think hitting my fingers with a hammer would be more productive and even fun?... No? Okay well going home was a bad idea, a very ry bad idea. All my family did was fight :( But I did go for a walk to town with my dogs. Haha there was this little dog that followed us and it was so happy it peed like everywhere....I rofled.

I finished Marley and Me and it made me bawl. It was a beautiful book. I also finished Guananamo Boy like 2 hours ago. Then I googled the Geneva Convention, intending on reading it. Yer as if...Click here to try.

I am intending on buying a new iPod. The one I have is gay and holds like no songs. I bought it like 3 years ago to listen to music when I was training. (This was when I was training as a runner and such.) I want to get an iPod touch.

Oh we go to Melbourne in 2 weeks today. Crap its my brothers bithday in 5 days and my mums in 6....better get them something.

Ciao, Pixii xox.

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