Thursday, September 24, 2009


Dear Phyllis...

It's 2:01pm and I've already had a pretty exciting day. Well actually not really. Today I got up off my lazy ass at like 9am and went bike riding :D. I was out of reading material so I rode all the way to the local library (exactly 3.7km away on google maps) and i rode like 7.4km. At the library I got two books...'Marley and Me' and 'Guantanamo Boy' and a CD. The CD is called The Cure by The was recorded in like 2005 or something but I like it :) After I rode home I had a Popsicle. So you may be asking why didn't I just go in the car... 1. My grandma had the car so she couldn't take me and 2. It is all part of my fitness/diet/getting healthy regime yay :)....oh wait I probably shouldn't have had the ice block :S

Anyways I think I might watch psyco after I finish this post...

I think maybe next week sometime i will have like a post each dedicated to telling you about my favourite music, movies and show (no plural coz I only have one favourite show XD) interesting for you.

Howdy Ya'll

Good afternoon...Pixii (L)

P.S Because i'm from Australia i'm in like a different time zone or something than what my blog thingo is set to so I seem to post my blogs at silly hours and the wrong date....i'm Australian haha

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