Sunday, September 20, 2009


Welcome Interwebs...

Hello my name is Pixii.
I am new so bear with me.
So whats with my blog.. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TEENAGE GIRL?
Well its exactly what it says.

Everyday or so for however long I can be bothered I will be posting a sort diary or journal life.

I will be writing these blogs to a person named Phyllis. She is special to me and over time I may reveal who she is.
My aim is not to become known but to express my accomplishments, my troubles and anything and everything to let you and myself get a better understanding of...
a day in the life of a teenage girl.

BIO. (just a bit about myself)
  • I am 14
  • I am a female...obviously
  • I have two dogs and two brothers (go figure?)
  • I love to play soccer and judo
  • I am in Year 9 and I go to an all girls school
If you see this thank you for reading and comment on anything I can improve. Constructive criticism is always welcome :)

Much love, Pixii XD

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  1. Neat, I'll follow this~

    It's nice to meet you Pixii.


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