Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dear Phyllis...

Today was fricken awsum XD....(NOTE: total recap coming)

I always like going out with my and movies and hanging around and all that crap...well today we decided we would go into Rocky and watch '[500] Days of Summer' (gonna do a review on another blog.)

So we went up at about 11am because the movie started at 3:30pm so we had lots of time to shop.
^Okay so recently 2 shopping centres in Rockhampton joined and a whole lotta shops were added so we were all excited to see them together and stuff...we got there and it was kinda dissappointing...^
It was kinda small but there were still some pretty good shops.
So for about two and a half hours we all looked around and shopped and that. I bought a top with an elephant on it from Ally XD.
So we were being very amused by clothes and jewellery and all that kinda crap...oh by the way the fashion now really sucks, i wouldnt be caught dead wearing light floaty flowery crap. Anyways we got hungry...but on the way to the food court i stopped at Sanity (the movies and music shop) and noticed in my wallet i still had 10 bucks on a gift card...and guess what I bought...PSYCO! haha i love this movie :D
After a healthy lunch of hot chips and potato gems we went to Big W and bought skittles and energy drinks. Then we got chocolate frappes and headed off to the movies.
500 Days of Summer...was actually pretty good. I think it was made better by the fact that my friends was extremely sugar and caffene high and she was fricken hilarious...but I quite enjoyed it and the cinematography was very good.
The ride home was also pretty funny...being still pretty g-uped on sugar and stuff one conversation melted and yelled into the next and you could barely understand a word anyone was saying haha.

Well i'm bored of typing so I guess I will start my review on 500 Days of Summer and finish my skittles and go to bed.

Oh and i'd like to mention a really good band called All Time Low...they did a really amazing cover of that Rihanna song umbrella....pretty sweet!

Syonnara Minisan....Pixii xxx.

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