Monday, September 21, 2009


Dear Phyllis...
Well I am at my grandmothers house beacause i've kinda been 'kicked out'. You probably don't understand what I am talking about so I will explain a little bit of whats been happening lately.

I've been naughty. Well at school...I keep getting in trouble for talking and such and one day I yelled at a teacher. They were going to expell me..but i'm going to be good from now on so there was not much poit. Anyways daddy grounded me and well I kinda snuck out to go to a party. He took my simcard for my phone, my computer, my TV, my iPod and well i got double grounded. I didn't like this so I yelled and screamed and was even naughtier. I am on holidays so dad sent me to my grandmothers so I won't do anything bad..oh and he doesn't want me around.

So yeah anyways i've been good and its paid off. The other day i went to the local resort with my friends and had a good day at the swimming pool and the beach...and the waterslide XD. The only bad thing is
now i'm sunburnt :(

Actually not everything is good...i'm fighting with my best friend :( all because i can't keep my stupid mouth shut. I'm very sorry and she won't listen to me.

Anywho I can't wait till 29/09/09 because Paramore's new album 'Brand New Eyes' is coming out XD. I really want to buy tickets to 'Soundwave 2010' to see them but they're like $155 and I am a little low on cash. I think I need a job.

Peace Out, Pixii xx.

P.S. Don't you think Kanye West is a douche-bag...check it out...

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