Monday, September 21, 2009


Dear Phyllis

It is 11:50am and i am yet to have a shower, get dressed and do my hair and makeup.
I love lazy days XD.

I am reading Falling Leaves again and i'm so engrossed in it that I stayed up till like 12:30 last night reading it. It makes me so much more greatful for what I have.

Anyways i'm not fighting with my best friend anymore..yay :D
On wednesday we're going to go see [500] Days of Summer at the movies so that shall be fun.

Tucker St. party on Saturday night...

I'm bored so I shall tell you about what I had for breakfast today.
Because its the holidays I can have whatever I like so while I was at the shops the other day I bought hashbrowns and ham and bacon and all that. So today I decided I would have 2 hashbrowns instead of the usual one. I got out the frying pan and noticed we had to oil so I had to use butter...fatty XD. I fried up the hashbrowns, then and egg, then i sliced the ham into strips and fried it lightly. I felt like being artistic so I put the 2 hashbrowns as eyes, the egg as a nose and the strips of ham as a mouth and eyebrows. Being as fat as I am I had the craving for a milkshake. After finding all the ingredients and making a big mess with the blender my milkshake was finally done and it tasted breakfast :)

Well instead of me rambling on it probably best as I leave today as it is...ooh i'm having corn beef sanwhiches for lunch =]

Maybe one day I will donate some food to the poor... Love Pixii xx.


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