Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a little about yours truly...

Heyo interwebs...

Instead of some random stranger on the internet telling you all about her life, I want to be some random stranger on the internet telling you all about her life...umm well?

I thought I would tell you all about myself..(when I say all...i mean like anything and everything could come out)

So let me introduce myself..
  • My name is Pixii...It is lovely to meet you :) [NOTE: Pixii is not a real name, it is the name I take on as a pseudonym to give me a kind of anomyty on the internet. Everything I talk about is true...just not my name, I do hope you can understand :).]
  • On the 24/09/09 I am exactly 14 years and 13 days old.
  • I am about 157cm tall so about 5'2"feets.
  • I am currently tanned (yes the sunburn turned into a killer tan :D)
  • Right now my hair is a dark red (not like ranga) and its short at the back and longer at the front.
  • I am naturally brunette but I change my hair colour all the time (last time it was auburn and the time before it was a purpley blackish colour.)
  • I straighten my hair and put makeup on everyday even if i'm not goin out. This consists of base cover, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes glitter. I pull this off without looking like a me ;)
  • Even though I straighten my hair and wear makeup I am in no way girly. I own one skirt (my school skirt) and four dresses (of which two are school dresses). The only kind of bottoms i own are joke. I swim in denim.
  • I play lots of sports. Over the years I have played soccer, judo, touch football, athletics, cricket, AFL, swimming...In every one of them I played in representative teams. Insoccer, athletics, touch and judo I got into state level and in judo I am national champion in Australia.
  • I live in a house with my mum and dad, my two little brothers who are 9 and 12, and my two dogs, Harriet and Jack.
  • I go to the gayest school in the world. It is an all girls boarding school. I am a day girl.
  • I am in Grade 9
  • I study japanese, art, english, sose, science, religion, maths and p.e.
  • I am smart academically. I am especially good at english. When I grow up I either want to study law or english litterature at university.
  • I like to read. I like reading war stories, bibliographies and memoirs, plays (like shakespeare) and books from the victorian era.
  • I am a catholic and I go to church...sometimes.
  • I love music. I mainly listen to alternative rock that nobody has ever heard of. Paramore is my favourite band ever...I have loved them since I was 10 when I bought their album 'All We Know Is Falling'. I also like indie music. I listen to alot of TripleJ.
  • I'm always hurting myself because I am extremely clumsy. I am only just recovering from two concussions that gave me post-concussion syndrome. I have a huge scar on my knee thats still healing from when I fell off a scooter.
  • I have behaviour issues. I have too much of an opinion and I like to disagree with people. I'm extremely loud.
  • I wish I was from the UK and had an English accent.
  • I want to go to Rome. I want to got to the Vatican.
  • I want to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago di Compestela.
  • One day I am going to marry Josh Farro.
  • I have been to six different schools.
  • I like watching youtube videos. My favourite youtubers are shanedawson, charlieissocoollike, amazingphil, sxephil, livelavalive, charlestrippy, hurricaneaubrey, kassemG, Shaycarl, ijustine, mychonny, communitychannel and lots of others.
  • I like decorating my myspace. Mine right now is pretty artistic.
  • I like going to parties. I like to drink alcholic beverages but I do not like getting smashed...although that one time with the bonfire and the boat.
  • I play the drums, the clarinet and the violin.
  • I like exotic food. Tonight for dinner we are have mongolian..i think thats like chinese.
  • I have already bought tickets to see the midnight viewing of New Moon on the 19/11/09.
  • I'm cool.
So this was pretty random...dinner now.
Love Pixii xo.

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